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Fun fact - when Jenna is not designing beautiful interiors, she is a practicing attorney. How does one go from law to design? Great question! Jenna has always had a creative eye, and she has found a myriad of outlets for her creativity throughout her life. While it was always an interest of hers, Jenna truly fell in love with interior design after her and her Husband, John, moved into their new home in 2020.


Jenna and those around her quickly realized that she had a sharp eye for taking ordinary things and spaces and turning them into something beautiful. Her passion was contagious, as she started helping family and friends design their homes, too. Since then, Jenna has honed her natural talent for envisioning and bringing extraordinary designs to life.


Jenna describes her style as traditionalism with a flare. She loves to incorporate Grandmillennial elements in her designs (think classic furniture paired with fresh, bold patterned fabrics and prints, wallpaper, and pleated lampshades).  Jenna likes to pull inspiration from various places - high fashion, vintage art, architectural design, and traveling (see right: Jenna pictured at Jack Rose, New Orleans). Jenna would also be the first to admit that she has a slight antique rug obsession.


Jenna believes the bolder the better - especially when it comes to color, pattern & prints. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation with Jenna. She would love to help bring your

vision to life! 

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